This week was very difficult to choose from, there were so many great covers, so I added a few bonus selections. I try to stay at 10 to 12 picks, but there’s no limit to the number of covers I pick and I refuse to toss one out because it exceeds a set limit.

I try not to allow my cover picks to be swayed by my like or dislike of a particular artists’ work, even though some artists do stand out from the rest. My selection process is subjective no matter what, so I try to choose covers based primarily on the quality of the artwork.

Each week I choose 10 of the best comic book covers of the week, along with a few extras. After browsing through the entire selection of new comics being released that week, I choose my favorites and share them here.

This is still a work in progress and there’s no set criteria for choosing my picks, I simply select artwork that appeals to my own taste, and that can be quite varied at times.

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Comic book art is the main reason that I’m interested in comics. So this series “Best Comic Book Covers of the Week”, was borne out of that love for comics and comic book art. If you’re also a fan of comics and comic book art, please check some of my other articles on collecting comic art and comic books.

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