Comic Book Community

Comic Book Community is part of Comic Book Resources project by Robot Outlaw and is meant to provide links and information for members of the comic book community can easily find other like minded people to share their interests with.

Comic Book Communities that we consider for inclusion in our website are those that are open and easily accessible with a welcoming vibe that promotes engagement and discussion amongst it’s members.

This is not an exhaustive resource and we are always interested in adding to the list. If you know of a website or resource we don’t have, please get in touch. You can email or connect with us @RobotOutlaw on Twitter.

Comic Book Communities

Comic Book Community on Reddit

Comic Book Reddit for fans of comic books, graphic novels, and digital comics.

Facebook Comic Book Community

Facebook has a very active community for comic book collectors

The Comic Book Community on Quora

Read Comics, Make Comics, Love Comics… You’re In! These comic book communities are geared towards for comic book fans, readers and creators. So feel free to jump in, use the links we’ve provided, find us and many others already engaged in these venues and Let’s talk comics!

PSA! BEFORE POSTING ON ANY OF THE LINKS PROVIDED: Ask yourself, “Does this encourage discussion within the community?” If not, it’s probably spam and will not be received well by the other members.


Online communities are great, and super easy to connect with others online, but there’s really nothing like being part of a real life comic book community while attending a convention. Now there are hundreds of comic book conventions world wide and going to one is just a matter of finding one near you and going.

Convention Scene

A continuously updated convention calendar showing all North American comic conventions