Art collectors, Investors and artists interested in obtaining a comic art appraisal for their collections have several options available to help discover the potential market value of their art. Whether it’s a collection of works or single piece, if you wish to sell or simply estimate how well your investment is maturing, there are tools and services to help you realize the value of your art collection.


Galleries and professional appraisers typically charge an upfront fee for valuing any type of artwork. You don’t have to be an expert to determine a fair market value if you are knowledgeable and comfortable enough to do most of the research yourself. There are a few methods to help you if you wish to try this on your own.

A common and very inexpensive method of appraising almost anything, including comic art, is to take it to a pawn shop. Keep in mind pawn shops are in business to make money and not all are going to be truthful with their estimate. It’s very possible that some may appraise items at 1/10th to 1/2 the estimated value. This is not a truly accurate assessment but it is a good place to start.

Even before you go into a pawn shop, you might consider doing a good amount of research online. There are several online auction sites that just might have items similar to yours and this would be a good way to get an idea of the potential value of your pieces. Always look for pieces similar to yours that have already sold. This will give you an idea of what the market will bear for artwork similar to your own.

Once you’ve researched the public sector you should have a decent understanding of your collections potential value. If you’re a collector, it’s a good idea to search the artist to see if he / she has a website. This will allow you to compare your work against the the value of comparable pieces listed on their website. You might even be able to contact the artist directly and get some further insights on the works. Educating yourself as much as possible about the artist and history of your collection can be very helpful in determining it’s true market value.

If you are confident with your research and believe that your self appraisal has yielded a satisfactory result for your collection you should document your findings and list your references for future use. If you decide to sell the artwork based on your appraisal it would help to include these notes in the listing and as part of the sale of your piece. However, if you feel that you have a rare and valuable piece you would be well served to have a professional appraisal done on the work before offering it for sale. This will help protect you and your buyer.


If you are interested in a professional appraisal for your collection there are several options to choose from. Typically appraisals require an up front fee, which is determined by the amount of time required for research and evaluation of the collection. In preparation for submitting your artwork for appraisal, it’s best to get photos, detailed descriptions of each piece, when and how the piece was purchased, estimated value along with any additional information that might help determine the value of your collection.

Please note: When submitting artwork for appraisal, most appraisers will only accept requests from serious collectors and investors. There is a generally a fee for this service and you will be required to pay all fees up front.

A professional appraisal requires extensive research and is conducted by a professional appraiser with years of training and experience and this can only be offered as a paid service.

To begin the art appraisal process you may be asked to complete an Art Appraisal Request Form provided by the appraiser. Upon receipt of your request you may be asked to provide photos and additional information about your art work. Be sure to include your contact information so the appraiser can reach you directly. Once all the necessary information is provided, the appraiser will typically determine a cost and turnaround time for the appraisal and contact you for payment.

Upon completion of your appraisal some appraisers may offer you an opportunity to sell your art work through an auction or website, either for an additional fee or a commission upon completion of the transaction.

Please Note: This information is provided as a guide to assist collectors and artists in preparing their artwork for a professional appraisal. I do not provide appraisal services myself.

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