Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War 10 out of 10

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Captain America Civil War 2016 Movie Poster

A great film to watch in 3D, but a must-have for your personal movie collection

I just watched Captain America Civil War again on Digital Video and I have to tell you, I like it even more then the first time I saw it.

This movie is one of, if not The best movie of 2016, by far. Civil war is a story about what happens when superheroes don’t see eye to eye on some very important issues. Namely, should they be registered, catalogued, supervised and controlled by a global government initiative. A scary prospect under any circumstance, and something that should not be taken lightly.

This story is obviously fiction, but you must ask yourself, should these characters be treated as people with individual rights, or are they simply weapons that need to be monitored and controlled by a governing body.

Regardless of which side you’re on, this makes for a great story, and we get to see some of our favorite superheroes go toe-to-toe against each other. The fight sequences are both action packed and humorous, and brings to mind a phrase use by many parents, “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”.

There is moment where the movie turns more serious in nature, as one of our favorite superheroes gets into a situation that we’re not sure they will make it out alive. At this point everyone on both sides of the fight, along with the audience, is forced to take a beat and consider their actions.

We also get to see a few “old friends” that weren’t unexpected for many, and these characters ramp up this movie another notch. You can watch this movie 10 times and see something new every time you watch it. In fact, I might just go watch it again after I post this 🙂

All I can say is, this movie is seriously awesome, and is now one of my favorite all-time films, ever.

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