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Enhance Corporate Entities With Cartoon Art

Cartoon Art can be quite effective at making a company more recognizable with high quality character design or cartoon art.

Continue reading to learn more about the use of cartoon art in corporate branding.

Simple and Affordable

It can be simple and affordable to enhance a marketing campaign in unique and interesting ways with Cartoon Art.

Professional cartoonists can provide high quality cartoons, illustrations, drawings, character design and caricatures to fit a brands needs.

Cartoon Art Can Help In Many Ways

Incorporating Cartoon art and memorable character drawings into a campaign can have a major positive impact on advertising and marketing collateral, for a more memorable presentation.

Achieve a strong corporate identity that customers recognize, through cartoon art.

In most cases the future success of a company depends heavily on image and presentation. A high impact colorful display of cartoon art can grab customer’s attention and draw them in.

Customers relate much easier to a business with recognizable characters as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Standing Out

It’s important for a business to stand out from their competitors and leave memorable, lasting impressions on the public!

Cartoon art can represent a company in many different ways and choosing professional cartoonists to design a unique character that represents a brand will greatly improve the effect of any marketing materials and help achieve a stronger corporate identity for any company.

What to Look For In Cartoon Artists

Professional Cartoon Artists should provide talent, knowledge and experience.

Strategic use of shapes, color, shading and lighting effects are integral components in cartooning and when used properly are effective ways to engage and excite customers and enhance their experience.

Professional cartoonists will create unique custom cartoons for your business and equip your company with a corporate brand designed to achieve maximum exposure and increase customer retention.

Professional Quality

Engineered by a team of creative professionals and delivered in a format usable in all areas of advertising. Cartoon art works in every form of media including print, web, television and video. Perfect for stationary, banners, website, video, T-shirts and vehicle graphics, your artwork will look great.


Deliver results in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

High quality cartoon art can be attained at affordable prices compared to those offered by many competitors without sacrificing quality for quantity.

Many “start up” companies and small businesses have limited resources and often have tight budgets in order to remain competitive. It should be possible for every business to obtain quality artwork that meets their budget.

Customer Service

Strong relationships with customers, and deliver a product they will love.

Cartoon Art requires a unique approach and should be determined by the needs of the client and the Industry.

A good design team ensures that every customer has a unique, eye-catching Cartoon crafted according to their specifications.

And work is not complete until the client is completely satisfied!

A true collaboration will take into consideration ideas from the client, and integrate the creativity from an individual or team of professional cartoonists to create eye-catching Cartoon to represent that business as an industry leader.

Professional Reputation

A reputation built on providing the highest quality services, superior customer support and simply helping others succeed.

In order to design custom artwork for businesses ranging from startup companies, to large corporate clients an artist must provide quality service for a growing number of satisfied customers.

It’s vital that clients are certain they’re working with reputable professionals that will be around for years to come.

Before You Begin…

Custom Cartoon Art – If a design is more complex a good practice for artists is to provide the client with an estimate and require 50% up front before work begins. Cartoon art could take between 3 to 5 hours to complete. The final amount of time spent in production largely depends on the number of revisions requested by the client.

To minimize production time, it’s best not to include contact information, slogans or promotional statements in the initial artwork, as this can be added later and usually requires very little time. Adding these elements too early can become a hindrance during production and increase the amount of time needed to complete the artwork.

Revisions and Scope Limits

After the initial Cartoon is rendered in black and white, or gray scale, allow a period of time for revisions. Stick to the client’s request and put the finishing touches on the artwork as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is not the time for an artist to get mired down in details. It’s quite possible the client will be more than satisfied with a few minor edits and the project will be complete.

On the other hand, some clients are more vague about their expectations and will request additional edits and revisions after the first round. It’s up to the artist to reign in the project at this point and avoid the problematic and frustrating “Scope Creep”.

Most clients will understand and either agree to pay more for your time, or end the project. An artist should know when a project is worth their time and when it’s not.

Occasionally a client’s expectations can result in the price of a project to skyrocket in a very short time. To avoid this it’s important to keep an open and frequent communication line with the client.

The best projects are those which keep revisions to a minimum and don’t try to achieve perfection.

Another area where production can get bogged down is in seeking too many opinions about the artwork.

A smart entrepreneur knows what looks good and will represent their company well, without requiring approval from others. It’s ok to have one or two trusted advisors provide them with feedback, but asking too many opinions causes serious delays and can even derail a project completely.

If you’ve been in business for some time, you know that you can make intelligent decisions about your company and the direction it’s going, so please don’t leave money on the table by making endless revisions to your artwork by trying to please everyone else. It’s much wiser to spend money where it will earn the greatest return on your investment, in advertising.

At some point it’s ok to let the client know that during the revision period that your time is valuable and excessive edits outside the “Initial Scope” of the project could become billable time.

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