Selling Comic Books Online

Selling Comic Books Online is part of the Art Investors Guide and the Comic Book Resources project by Robot Outlaw. Selling comic books online for fun and profit is simple with this easy to follow guide designed to help comic book collectors and comic book sellers. The first step in becoming a proprietor of Comic […]


Comic Art Appraisal

COMIC ART APPRAISAL GUIDE Art collectors, Investors and artists interested in obtaining a comic art appraisal for their collections have several options available to help discover the potential market value of their art. Whether it’s a collection of works or single piece, if you wish to sell or simply estimate how well your investment is […]


Art Investors Services

Art Investor Services are more widely available and easy to find than ever before. At one time it was a very exclusive service not available to the general public, but the online community has changed that for the better. Art Appraisal: What should I get with an appraisal? Click here for more about art appraisals. […]


Comic Art Terms is part of the Comic Art Investors Project for Investors and Collectors Comic Art Terms Comic art terms are an important part of the comic book industry and over the years Robot Outlaw has compiled this growing list of comic art terms and will continue to curate more terms for the benefit […]


Collecting Comic Art

Collecting Comic Art is part of the Art Investors Guide by Robot Outlaw. This article presents some insights and tips for collectors and investors on how to find and value quality comic art pieces. Part of an ongoing series, we are continuously adding new information and resources to the Art Investors Guide. If you feel […]


Selling Comic Art

When selling comic art, keep in mind there are many online venues available to artists and collectors of comic art through which to sell your collection. ART CONSIGNMENT Consignment Services can be very helpful in marketing and selling your artwork in a gallery or through a network of worldwide affiliates. ART AUCTIONS Artists, Collectors and […]


How to Find Rare Comics

Wondering how to find rare comics? How to Find Rare Comics is part of the Comic Book Resources project by Robot Outlaw and is intended to help collectors and investors find those increasingly rare and valuable comic books. How to Find Rare Comics Looking for rare comic books and hard-to-find original comic art for your […]

How To Sell More Books

Just a short list of ideas that might help you sell more books. Giveaways Consider giving some things away with your book. Digital content is always a good resource and adds value to the purchase of a book. Maybe you have a worksheet or some additional material that will compliment the book. This can all […]