How To Get Published

How To Get Published

How to Get Published is part of Draw and Write Comics by Robot Outlaw. This article is an ongoing resource that continues to evolve with new links and information about getting your work published. Written with the comic book creator in mind, many of the links here are exclusive to helping those people publish comic books.

How to Get Published

Best way for comic book creators to get a comic book published

The best way for comic book creators to get a comic book published is to prepare a portfolio of your work and have it reviewed by potential publishers. Another thing that’s important to understand is how publishing contracts work. Do these two things before even attempting to contact a publisher. Preparation is critical for success.

Next step is to find a publisher who is willing to review your comic and has an interest in publishing your comic. There are many publishers and they can be located through comic conventions, online directories, and even personal connections.

Once you find a publisher who’s interested in your work, you’ll most likely be asked to sign a contract before any commitment or promises are made on the part of the publisher. It’s beneficial to you, to be very careful at this phase of the process in order to protect your rights as the creator of your Intellectual Property (IP). Once the terms are agreed to and the contract is signed, only then should you submit your artwork and other documents for review.

If your comic is accepted, you may need to go through the process of editing, designing, and printing the comic before it can be published.

How to self-publish your comic book

Self-publishing a comic book also starts with creating a portfolio of your work. The big difference here is that instead of a Publisher covering expenses for editing, printing, marketing and distribution, these costs all fall on you.

Finding a good printer can be tricky, as most print shops are familiar with commercial printin, but not many are experienced with the unique nature of comic book printing.

After your books are printed and ready to distribute, you’ll need to find some venues that will carry your books and sell them for you. This can be local comic book shops, conventions, online retailers and speaking engagements to name a few. You can also market your comic and build a fan base by attending comic conventions, setting up an online presence, and using other promotional methods. Self-publishing can be a great way to get your comic out into the hands of readers, but it does require a lot of work and dedication.

Crowd funding to publish a comic book

Crowdfunding to publish a comic book allows others to contribute money to help cover the costs of producing the comic. Individuals can contribute money through a platform such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Patreon. When the goal is reached, the money is used to cover the costs of printing and distributing the comic. In return for their contributions, contributors are rewarded with digital copies, physical copies of the comic, original artwork, or other rewards.

Crowdfunding is a very effective way to get exposure and help offset the costs for producing and distributing your comic, but there is a trade off. It’s a lot of work to promote a crowdfunding campaign, and it’s important to make good on your promises once the successful campaign is ended.

Here is a short list of 8 resources for submitting photography for publication. Click on links for additional information.

Here are some links to help in your quest to get published


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