How To Sell More Books

Just a short list of ideas that might help you sell more books.


Consider giving some things away with your book. Digital content is always a good resource and adds value to the purchase of a book. Maybe you have a worksheet or some additional material that will compliment the book. This can all be included as bonus material to help increase the perceived value of the book.

Also consider giving free print material such as a “poster” of artwork from the book. Themed bookmarks as bonus items is also a good idea.

Build Partnerships

Another helpful idea is to consider partnering with other authors and content creators. You can either trade some copies of your book for copies of their material, which can then be added to your list of bonus items, or some content creators will be happy to give you content for free in exchange for exposure to their work.

Incentives for customers

Another good idea is to offer incentives to customers who buy multiple books (3, 5, 10 or more). Either offer additional bonus material for buying multiple copies, or consider having a lunch, dinner or after launch party with customers who buy large quantities. This might seem strange, but if the book is a good resource, many people will consider buying multiple copies as gifts or giveaways.

Book Signings

One of the most common forms of book promotion is a book signing event at a local book retailer or library. While this is well known to most authors, it is often under promoted by the authors themselves. Don’t just leave it up to the venue to announce book signings, take the lead in your own campaign and get the word out through as many sources as possible. Press releases, blog posts, twitter and Facebook announcements are a good place to start and there are many more.

Set Time Limits

Remember to put a time limit on the promotional giveaways. This adds a sense of urgency to the promotion, and also allows you to plan for post launch parties or other events that might be related to the book launch.