Ideas for Writing Blog Posts

Ideas for Writing Blog Posts

Ideas for writing blog posts is a simple formula that includes topics familiar to the author and relevant to the audience to help increase exposure.

Today’s post was supposed to be on how I managed to quadruple traffic to my blog in one night, but that article is still in the works. It’s a bit more detailed than I originally thought, and it’s taking longer then expected. So while I’m working on that, I thought I’d give you one that will help you with your own blog, in the meantime.

Ever find yourself falling short on ideas for writing blog posts?

Here’s a handful of ideas that have helped me come up with new content for my blog when I hit a block.

Write Reviews

Really you can write reviews about anything you like, but here’s a few ideas to get the juices percolating; products, books, movies, television programs, software, video games, other blogs or websites and even podcasts that you listen to. Seriously, anything you observe or interact with throughout your day can become a blog post simple by writing a review about it. And remember, negative reviews can be just as interesting to read as positive reviews, so don’t pull any punches.

How to articles

If you know anything about anything you can write a how-to article. Think about it, this can be a how-to on anything at all; how to bake a cake in winter, or how to ski on grassy hills, how to put your shoes on the wrong feet. As long as you can make it interesting for readers, the how-to article can be a simple way to create great content for your blog.

Make lists

What does Santa Claus and J. Edgar Hoover have in common? They both have lists, and their lists are long. Think about it, people love to read lists about all kinds of stuff. Make it fun, make it interesting, and write lists about anything in the universe. Your readers will love it and so will search engines.

Guest posts

Ask other Bloggers and Writers to write a guest post for your blog. Not only does this get you some good content for your blog readers, it’s also a great way to pick up some new readers along the way. Here’s why; that guest writer will promote their own article like crazy, well most do, to all their readers and all social network contacts. Then all those readers will come to your blog to check out what the guest blogger wrote. Some will stay on the site for a while and have a look around. Some will even bookmark your site or subscribe to your RSS feed or Newsletter and become one of your readers. How can that not be good for you?

Interview people

Now this is one of my favorites. It’s not only a great way to get some interesting content for your readers, it’s one of the easiest ways to build a rapport with the people you interview. Most people who are actively participating in social media, blogging and Internet marketing in general, are more then happy to do an interview. Think about it; Would you say no to being interviewed? So here’s how to get interesting people to do an interview with you… Wait, sorry. That’s a topic for another article, and this one’s getting kinda long as it is. But the point is, interviewing people is good for your readers, helps you get new readers, and helps you build new relationships with people you interview.

What are some of the things you use to come up with ideas?