Screenplay Writing

Screenplay Writing

Screenplay writing is a very specific process for developing your project into a movie or television show.

Does your screenplay have potential?

Key elements of any screenplay are dialogue and action, typically written from a third person perspective and almost always written in present tense.

Tackling a screenplay with little or no experience often results in a very rough outline with the potential of turning into a rewarding and possibly lucrative project. However, in the entertainment industry, potential does not amount to much unless that potential is tapped and eventually realized.

A well-crafted screenplay is best accomplished when a team of writers collaborate with a similar goal in mind. Sharing ideas and experiences from different backgrounds will enrich the final product.

Many up-and-coming writers have great ideas and sound writing skills, and at some point a few of them may have an opportunity to publish something great. Enlisting the help of professionals with years of experience can accelerate the time frame for achieving one’s goals.

What makes a screenplay marketable is the uniqueness of the idea, the value of the content and the mechanics of the script. If a screenplay does not meet industry standards, it will not even see the desk of potential producers. Even the greatest ideas and most interesting story lines will never make it to the big screen unless a proper screenplay is prepared for production. As the old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression.” Many screeners won’t read past the first page if the screenplay looks like the work of an amateur.

Screenplay Writing Services

Screenplay Writing offers the professionalism and experience necessary to bring these “potential” projects to completion, giving them the best chance of being recognized for what they are – great stories that people will enjoy seeing in theaters or on TV.

Whether we are writing the original screenplay for you, or editing a work that needs that professional touch, screenplay writing can provide the missing piece of the puzzle. With our Hollywood connections, we can even help you get your foot in the right door.

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